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EV Battery s.r.o.

About company

The company EV Battery s.r.o. took over research and development production Li-Ion accumulators from company Moragum in 2011. There war running the research the possibility of manufacturing these bateries since 2007.

We are going to start small–series production of these accumulators in year 2011.

The company is engaged in the production of Li-Ion cells, sale of accumulators, sale of accessories for accumulators and sale materials for the production of accumulators.

We specialize in Li-Ion accumulators LiFePO4 systém. Our using of accumulators is mainly for electric vehicles and as sources for accumulations of energy from renewable resources.





Cechovicka 43

Prostejov 798 01


DIČ: CZ25593927


Telephone: (+420) 603 182 841

                  (+420) 582 374 728

Fax:           (+420) 582 373 711

E-mail: evbattery@evbattery.eu

EV Battery s.r.o.

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